Top 5 of the Most Bought and Read Books in The World

Top 5 of the Most Bought and Read Books in The WorldTop 5 of the Most Bought and Read Books in The World

Whatever the circumstances, a good book will always be an object of culture available to anyone. However, the books are divided into two broad categories, books that grip the public and are eaten as delicacies and some books with no real impact.

Here’s a top 5 of the most bought and read books in the world:


5. “The Alchemist” – Paulo Coelho – 65 million copies

The Alchemist, written in 1988, is the most famous book by Paulo Coelho being second published  book. In May 1993, HarperCollins has published almost 50,000 copies of The Alchemist, which is a record for the sale of a Brazilian book in the United States, the first book with a large number of  sales.

4. “Lord of the Rings” – JRR Tolkien – 103 million copies

Lord of the Rings is a fantasy novel written by English philologist and academicain JRR Tolkien. The action presented in the volume is the sequel  to The Hobbit. The book was written in the years 1937 – 1949, and it’s key was created during the Second World War. The work was published in three volumes in 1954 and 1955, this form being the most popular.

3. “Harry Potter” – JK Rowling – 400 million copies

Harry Potter volumes form a very popular series worldwide, they belong to the fantasy genre and were written by British author JK Rowling. Books are talking about  a world of wizards, the protagonist being a young wizard named Harry Potter, along with his friends Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger.

2.”Quotations from Mao” – Mao Zedong – 820 million copies

Mao Zedong was a Chinese revolutionary, political teoritican and leader of the Chinese Communist Party. Following the Civil War, in 1949 the Chinese Communist Party under the leadership of Mao Zedong took power over China, proclaiming The Traditioal Chinese Republic.

1.The Bible – 3.9 billion copies

The Bible is a collection of sacred texts of Christians and Jews becoming  the most read book in the world. The Bible was written for about 16 centuries, and is a collection of 66 books.

France wants to prohibit Amazon to offer customers free delivery for books

France wants to prohibit Amazon to offer customers free delivery for books


Aurélie Filipetti French Minister of Culture and Communication criticized on-line shopping site Amazon. She accused Amazon selling products at prices lower than traditional book stores, createing a “quasi-monopoly”.

“Today everyone is tired of Amazon, which reduces prices due to the dumping practices. They use it to enter the market and after reaching the quasi-monopoly situation they raise their prices again,” said Aurélie Filippetti.

The French government plans to introduce a law against the American on-line retailer Amazon. It will prevent discounts and free books delivery for customers in France. The purpose of the measure is to protect other traders from unfair competition, according to the New York Times.

The government wants to find the right time to forbid the Amazon’s practice, which threatens the French sellers business model, said the French Minister of Culture and Communication Aurelie Filippetti.

“I’m against the possibility to offer both free shipping and a discount 5%. We need a law and we need to apply it in the right time” said Aurélie Filippetti for the French TV Channel BFM.

Amazon representatives in France refused to comment on this situation.

This statement of the Ministry of Culture and Communication highlights the tension between the French government and American on-line companies like Amazon and Google. Government criticized their underpaying of the content creators. France like other European countries prohibits retailers to give discounts higher than 5% of the price given by publisher. This policy has an intention to protect booksellers from the big chain stores that otherwise would destroy French bookshops, offering higher discounts.

Aurélie Filippeti said that Amazon is “a destroyer of bookshops.”

 Literatures of Which We Know Too Little: Nigerian Literature

Literatures of Which We Know Too Little: Nigerian Literature

 Literatures of Which We Know Too Little Nigerian Literature

Nigeria is the African country with the largest impact in literature, both in volume and international  recognition – we are talking here about literature written after 1960.

Historically, pre-colonial tradition of Nigerian literarature is oral, with a solid verbal art civilization  who has long preceded the introduction of the written word.

Of all the forms, the oldest and most used was poetry – one of the oldest examples is Esu pipe, an invocation sung for Esu, the youngest Nigerian primordial god of the pantheon.

Other examples of oral  Nigerian literature are Ekun Iyawo Suite song, Iwi or Esa Engugun – a song for  ancestral mask game.

Nigerian literature written in English language first developed in the matrix provided by Western imperialism and colonization in parallel with the missionary and the first writers were Europeans or freed Nigerian slaves.

For example Olaudah Equiano, who wrote the first  text of Africa in the English-language (an autobiography under the title The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano, or Gustava the African), or Samuel Ajayi Crowther, who translated the Bible into the  Yoruba and Igbo language.

International recognition of Nigerian literature was obtained from the novel The Palmwine Drinkard, written by Amos Tutuola  and published in 1952, a story full of magic and folklore narrated in a  domesticated English (actually an English translation of the Yoruba language).

But the real turning point occurred a few years later, in 1958, with the publication of his novel Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe.

A so-called second generation of modern Nigerian writers, enter the scene in the 1970s, have refined writings and atmosphere of the literary scene to initiate a concept of nation “Alter/native”.

Zulu Sofola
(1935 – 1995) is the first female Nigerian playwrighter and Flora Nwapa  the first African writer published in London.

The Everest of Nigerian literature was reached in 1986, when writer Wole Soyinka (photo) received the Nobel Prize for Literature. Some of his works include The Lion and the Jewel (1963), Death and the King’s Horseman (1975) and From Zia, with Love (1992).

In conclusion Nigerian literature, although very young, is proved one eloquent, dynamic, able to export culture and traditions across borders and to save and beautify in the eyes of the world, through the collective effort of writers, the daily image of a country shattered  and tense .

Corinne Hofmann and Her Books About Africa

Corinne Hofmann and Her Books About Africa

IN LOVE WITH A MASAICorinne Hofmann and Her Books About Africa

A life and love story in the Kenya. When she sets foot for the first time on African grounds, Corinne Hofmann does not suspect her life will take a critical turn. Arrived in Kenya to spend her holiday, Corinne discovers at the age of 27 a whole new dimension of love. It’s enough the penetrating look of the Masai-warrior Lketinga, for her to quit, against all reason, her life in Switzerland: her boyfriend, her culture, her lucrative business.


Fourteen years after her adventurous run-away from Africa, only after her divorce of Lketinga is recognized in Kenya as well, Corinne Hofmann returns to the Masai plains, where she is welcomed by her African family with the same warmth and love she has known after 4 years of living together. Also, she assists the adaptation work of her first book and gathers reviews, which she will uncover in her new book “Review in Barsaloi”. Resuming her old trail, Corinne Hofmann revives pleasant memories, but also difficult ones.


After the sensational success  of the book “In love with a Masai”, Corinne Hofmann intents to respond the numerous questions of readers, about her life after returning to the European  civilisation. And so her book “Back from Africa” is created. She had to learn again a lot of the habits required by the European civilisation.. However, with the same strength, same bravery and optimism, with which she had managed to survive in Kenya, she manages to build a new life for her and her daughter, Napirai, in Switzerland. Through the letters and financial help, Corinne keeps in touch even today with her family in Kenya.


Corinne returns to Africa many years after the separation and finds it different, but like wise as fascinating for her. The true stories of the characters she encounters-beggers, prostitutes, young people who have all managed to escape a life at the periphery of society- are truly impressive! At some point, reading that it took a women a year and a half to gather the equivalent of 30 dollars, I felt really small thinking about my expenses. Most people suffering in Africa are women.

Summer Book List

Summer book listSummer Book List

Those who decided to take a summer vacation in order to dedicate it to fresh literature, we created a list of appealing new entries on the shelves of book stores.

The Terrible Thing That Happened to Barnaby Brocket

John Boyne

Of course, the story of the most ordinary family, where the most extraordinary child was born, refusing to obey the laws of gravity, and having no age limit. This is a story about how important it is to just let yourself and those around you to be who them are. In fact – all the books of Boyne, are dedicated either to Jews, gays or simply to little boys, that are pulled in the sly by all the unearthly forces.

The Days are Just Packed: A Calvin and Hobbes Collection

Bill Watterson

In the “Calvin and Hobbs” everything is so mixed up, that by the end everything gradually falls into place. Meaning that a tiger – is nothing more than a tiger, a boy – it’s just a boy, but childhood sooner or later comes to an end, but these summer days are remaining, filled with active laziness and sorrow for the school desk, as well as agony of growing up. Watterson writes and draws about how good is it to be small, and about how the informational noise around us all of a sudden can be seen with the eyes of a child.

Selfish Pigs

Andy Riley

Riley’s Illustrations have to be at least a little familiar to everyone, from the “Suicidal – Rabbits” to the humorous inscriptions on mugs. Pigs – are something new.
It is impossible not laughing, and sometimes not feeling sad. Because these pigs are a real reflection of the character of some people.

Gone Girl

Gillian Flynn

 On the day of the fifth year of the wedding anniversary of Nick and Amy’s, the beautiful wife disappears without a trace. Around the husband gradually shrinks a loop because all the evidence point to the fact that he is the killer. The truth is that Nick did not kill anyone.

The Beat Hotel: Ginsberg, Burroughs, and Corso in Paris, 1958-1963.

Barry Miles

The History of the Beats in Paris, written by their passionate fans. Although Barry Miles was late on the scene, all his life he walked on hot Beats footsteps by writing a book on each of Kerouac and Burroughs.

Reading a Book is a Passion!

Reading a Book is a Passion! 

For most people reading a book represents an opportunity to escape into other worlds, to  live other stories, to understand other characters. Life without books would probably be more sad. Without so many stories, life would be boring. Reading, we have the chance to live infinitely many experiences, find ourselves in other characters and  lose our soul for a few moments. Some people manage to escape from them when watching a movie or listening to music, but for others only books were those who managed to make them live other stories.

The book will always be “in fashion”. It will always help you to improve your language, style of writing and revives your soul by bringing all sorts of unique experiences. A man who reads will never seem stupid, whatever he reads. Not all books are good, but reading is always a good habit.Reading a Book is a Passion

Some like to borrow books from the library every month, even if maybe they should recognize that many of them do not even get to start them. Often we do not have time to read, but there are times when we start 5-6 books

Reading lovers will never give up the books and know that the books will not disappear as long as the reading will remain a passion for people. Readers will always know that will never compare the pleasure to flip the pages of a book and return to the paragraph you want, marking with a highlighter interesting passages or quotes with the help of an electronic e-Book.

What is an e-Book?

What is an e-Book?

In an era of technology, when we depend on the virtual world much more than on the real one, we have to keep up with the latest innovations in IT.  These include the famous e-book reader, the gadget that tries to replace the entire library of books in digital libraries.

E-reader is a device designed for reading electronic books. It does not tire eyes and is very easy to use. E-Reader pages imitate the pages of a real book, and at the same time it is a library with a great storage capacity.
There is a variety of different e-Readers: Kindle, EvoBook, Serioux SDB-E10, iRiver Story, iRiver Cover Story, Prestigio PER3052, Prestigio PER3162B, Barnes & Noble Nook Color eReader.

An e-book or electronic book is a digital computer file that contains text and  the images of regular book. They are protected by a digital rights management system (DRM).

What is E-Book

What are the benefits of an e-Book?

– e-Book can be reproduced on different devices: personal computer, laptop, tablet or e-reader and even on the phone.  They can be used at any time, wherever you are: at work, at home, on trip .
– It can store thousands of titles so you can have a huge library.
– e-Reader dont tired your eyes due to electronic ink screen and makes reading a totally relaxing experience.
– You can get e-Book in a very short time by ordering on-line and its costs are reduced as compared with regular books.
– e-Books do not deteriorate over time and occupies a small virtual space.
– Electronic Reading helps to protect the environment.

A Book is a True Friend

A Book is a True Friend


A book is an essential resource, without it the manhood wouldn’t exist. A book can be considered a full  storage of human intelligence, containing in its pages knowledge, sensibility and prosperity. It is a priceless treasure, made of the kindest thoughts of the authors, which can be freely used by the readers. A book reveals the nature’s secrets, the nation’s history, the human qualities and flaws, reason for which it is considered a model, especially for the children on their road to gain knowledge and their preparation as future citizens. A book comprises the sequence of past centuries, its struggle for existence, the hope for a brighter future, the pain and the joy – it is a devoted friend of man, showing the road to victory, it pleases you and it saddens you as well; it is always available for rereading and reviewing any excerpt, any chapter you quickly read or especially


The childhood universe is created step by step within the family and kindergarten, the teacher attracting the kids in the world of literature, through methods and techniques which arise the interest for book. The images gently colored are attractive, they are offering the chance to get to know their beloved characters, to better understand the educational message and to determine them make sort stories or to paint fairytale scenes, proffered characters, etc. The book can become the true idol for everyone who is in the possession of it.